Easter Resolution: A post a day


In an attempt to get this blog rolling, I’m going to try to post every day until Pentecost.  This post about homeschooling has been on my radar today.  It definitely highlights the bright side of homeschooling, and we can relate to many of the 18 reasons the author recommends homeschooling.  Like the author, we didn’t object to the values our son encountered during his three semesters in public school, but it was a bit strange when he came home from music class in December singing Hanukkah songs and never learned any Christmas songs!  His school also had an all-student-body Halloween celebration and nothing for Easter.

Not counting the occasional late night panic session, I think our homeschool is doing great, but I must admit, though, that homeschooling has its dark side too.  For me, at least, I have a hard time keeping the “learning all the time” lifestyle from becoming a “being a taskmaster all the time” lifestyle.  There’s always some school assignment or chore to complete.

My goal this Lent was to buckle down in schoolwork, prayer, and just about everything else.  This Easter season I want to let things go a bit.  So the kids built a sheet house this week and I let it stay up for a couple days.  Then, of course, things got crazy and they dumped a million toys inside it and whined about cleaning it up and everyone (ie, me) got annoyed and frustrated and now I don’t want them to tear up the living room again for months, but other than that my baby step towards letting things go a bit went really well!

Still a work in process here!  I’ll do my best to keep up the daily posts these 45 days left of Easter, even if it’s just a photo.




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  1. Lindsey

    Hooray! An Easter treat for me! I hope you don’t kill yourself trying (to post every day), though. 🙂

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