Five Favorites


Well, my whole Easter post-a-day resolution isn’t exactly panning out, but I thought I’d link up with Hallie over at Moxie Wife today for a Five Favorites post!


1. rainy afternoons…windows are open, cool air is filtering through the house, and the air is washed clean of pollen.  (finishing this post up late at night, and now it’s thunderstorming…perfect)

2. my baby hammock


We’ve been transitioning baby T. into a crib for the most part but on fussy days, this thing works magic.


3. Season 4 of Parenthood.  I have just started watching this show and have a lot to catch up on but am really enjoying it so far.  Of course I love Max, the tween with Asperger’s Syndrome, but my favorite character is Max’s father, Adam.  He’s a rare breed on television, a devoted, loving, intelligent man who leads and serves his family.

4. my whiteboard–snapshot of our day.


5. One of my favorite poems ever, “The Gaze” by Anne Ridler

Your light is not yet broken:

Single the seven colors stream

In one white eyebeam from your self to mine.

My look, refracted and colored by desires

Brings home a half-truth, but when you look at me

It is as though you had thrown a line

Out from your cradle to draw my image back.

Mirrors return the image which we show them,

But like a thinker, when you reflect on me

You take me in. And this without deceit,

Since you are open and since looks are free.

God is the source on which you should gaze like that.

I am not worth it; looking at me, you must learn

Selection, and suppress some part of the truth,

For art or kindness’ sake. But not for love’s.

For love (which has no need to blame or praise)

Waken that white beam again, reminding me

That I was born for this, to watch my Maker

Ever, with such a humble, thirsty gaze.