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Five quick favorites for this week-

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1. Flight of the Butterflies IMAX film.  The footage was spectacular, and the story of the scientist and his wife who dedicated their lives to mapping the path of the monarch’s migration was so moving.  We saw the film with our homeschool group earlier this month, and I don’t think I was the only mom tearing up towards the end.

2. Finding four monarch caterpillars in our yard just a few days later.


3. This blog post by Joanne on not asking our children to do things they just can’t do.

4. B.’s Lego Titanic for last week’s 101st anniversary of the doomed voyage. 


B.’s contribution was pretty cool.  Mine, apple juice gelatin with a few strawberries shoved in for icebergs, (and the fact that I’m proudly displaying it!) says a lot about how gifted I am in the arts and crafts department.

5. From John Henry Cardinal Newman:

    I can well believe that you have hopes now, which you cannot give up, and even which support you in your present course.  Be it so; whether they will be fulfilled, or not, is in His hand.  He may be pleased to grant the desires of your heart; if so, thank him for his mercy; only be sure, that all will be for your highest good, and “as your days, so shall your strength be.”

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4 thoughts on “Five Favorites

  1. Lindsey

    Wonderful!! Our milkweed is slow this spring and not flowering yet. I guess that doesn’t stop a butterfly from laying eggs on it, but I sort of hope they don’t for a while. There aren’t enough leaves yet to feed even one caterpillar through it’s whole larva stage.

    Love Ben’s ship, and now I’m off to read the blog post you shared.

  2. Barbie

    I think the gelatin & strawberries are clever (as is Ben’s ship) – I’m always in admiration of what you think of to do w/your kids! Will have to go check out the IMAX.

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