Five Favorites vol 11


Five good books I’ve read recently:

First Garden: The White House Garden and How it Grew   I picked up this picture book about the history of presidential gardening at the library yesterday, and it was a great find.  It also doesn’t descend into Obama worship as do most children’s books that cover the current administration.  And growing your own vegetables is something Mrs. Obama and I can agree on.



Clybourne Park: A Play  This play is a sequel of sorts to the classic drama by Lorraine Hansberry A Raisin in the Sun, which is about a black family in the 1950s attempting to move into an all-white neighborhood in Chicago.  The contemporary play gives some background to the 1950s sale and then turns the situation around.  The neighborhood is now all black and starting to gentrify as white yuppies move in, tear down, and build condos.  The niece of the homebuyer in Hansberry’s play is selling to a young white couple.  A discussion about building codes quickly turns fierce.  I read it, but it would be powerful to witness on stage.

Okay, to be honest, I don’t ever read cool contemporary plays, but this one caught my eye because it was playing in town.  Right before T. was born, we went to a real, live play at the Alley.  The last time we went to a play together was right before W., our first child, was born almost 10 years ago.  Ever since then we’ve had a nursling or two who couldn’t be left.  And now we have one again and who knows when we’ll get back?  But, now I pay attention to what’s playing.

Along Came a Dog  I admit that our decision to adopt a puppy last week stemmed largely from my reading this story about a stray dog who protects an injured hen and captures the heart of a lonely farmer.


Prince Caspian  Listened to this one in the car.  I’m loving children’s fiction so much these days I may never go back to the grown-up stuff.

Time for God  I am slowly working my way through this little gem and discovering just how little I know about prayer.  Very inspiring.

Thanks to Grace for hosting this week!