Starting out the week…


Some random thoughts as I gather mine for this week that’s almost half way over…

This weekend

We had a very special Memorial Day.  My dad is buried in the Veterans Cemetery here, so we visited his gravesite and the kids brought flowers from our garden.  We didn’t make the formal holiday commemoration because N. had to work in the morning, but maybe next year.  It sounds like quite a ceremony with Taps, gun salutes, and all.  I wish I hadn’t forgotten my camera because the cemetery was quite beautiful, with a flag at each gravestone.  We miss our Grandpa.  Both of them.

Then we topped off the day with the season’s first trip to the pool (T.’s first time in the water–not too happy about that) (also forgot my camera) and this red, white, and blue/black SCD dessert.


I used strawberries, blackberries, and white-flesh peaches from our awesome tree.


What’s going on this week–

In the kitchen–I was reminded by this lovely blog that my slow cooker can make me a better mother.  I remembered that during our first year of homeschooling, I never started kindergarten until I had packed the Crock-Pot full for that evening’s dinner.  It worked so well–not sure how I forgot about that.   I planned a week’s worth of super easy meat/soup/stew-like meals and as soon as T. laid down for his nap this morning, packed the slow cooker with Claire’s  Moroccan Lentil Recipe:

Lentils, Chicken Stock, Canned Tomatoes, Ginger, Garlic, Onion (didn’t have this), Salt, Pepper, Cumin, Coriander all day in the slow cooker.  I added a couple chicken breasts and fresh cilantro and zucchini from our garden.  Also in the morning, I filled a pot of water on the stove for rice.  We were able to take a walk this afternoon and still start dinner before 6 and be cleaned up and ready for bed by 7:15pm.  T. was in bed by 7, the middle three by 8, and W. and I were both reading on the couch when N. came home at 8:15.  Also, there’s a ready-made lunch for N. in the fridge.  Beautiful.

In the schoolroom–We’re wrapping up our school year next week, so stay tuned for some spell-binding posts reviewing the curricula we used this year.  W. finished his literature curriculum today, and I handed him the first Harry Potter book to start the summer off right.  He’s hooked!

In the garden–Some little bug that looks like a big orange ant is devouring our squash and tomatoes.  L. set to work killing them today so I didn’t get any pictures but this is what they are, thank you Google.

But the flowers are doing great!

IMG_1679 IMG_1687 IMG_1689

In the nursery–This little guy started waving and has said something that sort of sounds like his name.  One of the kids asked me this week, “Is he cuter than we were?”


Note the silver platter attached to the high chair with clothesline because we can’t find the tray that goes with the highchair.  Nothing is too good for this boy.


Is the weekend/week and kitchen/schoolroom/garden/nursery thing too cheesy?  If not, maybe I’ll do it next week too.