Five Favorites


My children’s five favorite read-alouds this school year (results from poll at breakfast):

1. The Penderwicks on Gardam Street–completely random audiobook I grabbed from the library before a road trip to Grandma’s house, intended audience probably girls ages 10-14, a sequel to a book they’d never read, all about four sisters, one of whom starts dating of all things, yet my three little boys and a girl absolutely LOVED it.  Book Jacket Penderwicks on Gardam Street The first book in the series actually won the 2005 National Book Award for Children, and we did go back and read that one, but it wasn’t nearly as entertaining as this one.

To be extremely picky, I thought the dialogue was tiresome, but the book made up for it in its portrayal of genuine warmth and love between siblings.   All of my kids mentioned this book as one of their favorites, and then chose one (or two) more.

2. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory AND Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator–okay I’ll count this as one, kids, since we listened to them back to back.  Also audiobooks on a road trip to Grandma’s house–maybe the anticipation of an amazing vacation helped color their memory?  This was B.’s vote after The Penderwicks.

3. My Side of the Mountain–awesome survival in the wilderness tale.  W.’s campout dream.

4. Owls in the FamilyA pet owl, M.’s dream.  This was a very fun book.  She also voted for My Side of the Mountain, because of the peregrine falcon Sam tames.

5. The Door in the Wall–This was our first read-aloud of the year.  L. loved this adventure story of a knight in training who saves a castle from attack.  I think it was my favorite too.

Thank you for hosting, Hallie.  I hope your children feel better soon!

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