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Linking up again with Jen for 7 Quick Takes…

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 219)

1. Summer is in full swing here in Texas–time to make my afternoon tea iced!


2. Can’t wait to attend my first Ordination Mass this weekend.  The deacon at our parish, who has become a friend of ours, is being ordained to the priesthood tomorrow.

3. Speaking of the priesthood, at our area Catholic homeschool conference last month, the archdiocesan vocations director gave a great talk about fostering vocations in our families.  He said these are the three things he looks for in a candidate for the priesthood:

  • is he prayerful?
  • is he generous?
  • is he involved with his local parish community?

He also said that while he sees much larger than average numbers of vocations from homeschooling families, and young men from those families are usually both prayerful and generous, they are often lacking in parish involvement.  Good food for thought.

4. With all the talk about the recent Boy Scouts decision, and the bishops’ study on the new changes, I’ve been wondering why do Catholic churches still charter the Girl Scouts?   Doesn’t everyone know they are much further down the slippery slope than the BSA?  Then I read that the bishops are also investigating them, as of last year.  Does anyone know what the result of this was?  I hate to think of these issues dying out in some committee somewhere.  With two boys in Cub Scouts and a Leader husband leading an eager den of boys, many of whom are Catholic, we would really appreciate some guidance from the bishops on this one.

5. It might be time for me to enter the 21st century.  While I have a cheap flip-phone I use for emergencies, I primarily still use a good ol’ corded landline telephone.  A neighbor kid was over playing and needed to call his mom, so I handed him the phone.  He dialed the number and looked up at me, confused, “Where’s the send button?”

6. I loved the before/after room cleaning idea link that Jen had in her Wednesday post, and my kids did too.

Here is B. and M.’s school table:


5 minutes later…


M.’s room


15 minutes later…


The big boys’ room


took the longest but they were pleased in spite of themselves!


All photos by kids (with some help (-:)

7. Date night tonight–yea!!  Time to give my husband the birthday present I got for him, one week after his birthday…I completely forgot about the gift until today.  Seriously, I thought this entire week, I really didn’t get him enough for his birthday, I sure wish I’d gotten him something else for his birthday, until today I remembered I had another gift!  Woo hoo Mommy Brain!

Have a great weekend!


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