Starting out this week


This weekend…

The ordination Mass was unforgettable.


Deacon Sebastine vows to serve our archdiocese as a priest.  He then turned to a standing ovation from the 1000+ congregation.  It’s no coincidence that the archdiocese schedules these ordinations every year on the first weekend of the month of weddings.

After becoming ordained, Father Sebastine is greeted by his brother priests.  Our pastor is embracing him here, to another standing ovation.


Fr. Sebastine is from Lagos, Nigeria, and while his immediate family could not make the trip for his ordination, Houston’s large Nigerian Catholic community was present.  You can see the beautiful headdresses of the women in the front rows on the left.

Mass was over two hours long, and the kids did great.  We had good seats and they were very excited for Fr. Sebastine, who had told them specifically he hoped to see them there.  We were sitting next to the rows of priests from the aged men with walkers to the young men ordained last year.  All these men who have given up the joys of family life to make the sacraments available to us.  It was a beautiful sight.  A seminarian let L. hold an incense burner for a few moments, and that was a high point for him.

We also had family in town this weekend.  N.’s brother and family are moving here, and we are all very excited about that.  They are here househunting, and the kids got to play with cousins for hours yesterday, have ice cream several days in a row, and stay up late.  They were merciful to me and all slept in this morning.

This week…

In the kitchen.  The Crock-Pot thing worked very well.  I even put salmon in the pot on Friday, with dill and parsley.  Taste was good, texture slightly tough, but still preferable to cooking on a hot Friday afternoon.


If only I could keep up the momentum…I tend to run out of slow cooker recipes after we’ve done chicken and vegetables and pork and vegetables and a roast and vegetables.  Need to look around.

In the garden.  We got this mega-something squash, which we’ve eaten like zucchini.  I think it might be a spaghetti squash we picked too soon because the seeds looked like a pumpkin’s.  The missing part in the picture went in one crock-pot meal, another third in a different one, and the final third on the grill over the weekend.  It tasted fine.


It’s suddenly gotten really hot, so probably no more pretty garden pictures this season.

In the schoolroom.  This is our last week.  We’re doing a service project tomorrow, and Grandma is coming to town on Friday, so we really have just two days left.

In the nursery.  Is where Baby T. is supposed to be right now so I can blog in peace.  But he’s teething and not napping this afternoon.  He keeps scooting into the dog’s crate and coming out with her chew toy in his mouth, grinning and waiting for me to grab it out.

Okay, we are off now to our first swim lesson of the summer!


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    “A bruised reed he shall not break, and a smoldering wick he shall not quench…” Isaiah 42:3

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