Five Birthday Favorites


On Tuesday I turned 35–definitely no longer in my “early 30s.” 🙂  But it was a nice day.  Five favorites from that day…

1. N sketched this adorable picture of sweet baby T for me.  Don’t his eyes look so alive?


2. I got a Kindle!  Also from N., very generous of him as he is really the one who wants a new-fangled gadget.  But he did pick out the one modern electronic device that I will really use!  I know that everyone else already got one of these three years ago, but remember that I still use a corded landline.  I’m very excited to bring my new gadget with me to the pool  during the kids’ swimming lessons.  I’ve already downloaded the complete poems of Shakespeare and Emily Dickinson for free.  Now to get out of the Kindle store and actually start reading…

3. The kids and I helped make sandwiches that day for a “meals on wheels” type ministry for families of young children.  It was a treat for me to see my kids get really excited about helping others.

The huge mayonnaise squirter was a highlight for them.


4. W decorated our house for the festivities.


5. We went out to a neighborhood burger joint for dinner and then to the House of Pies for dessert.  I needed dessert to be out so I wouldn’t have half a cake sitting around the house tempting me all week!  Delicious pie was had by all, and our children were so well-behaved another mother at the restaurant even said to me, “They are like little adults.  Do you homeschool them or something?”  I was so confused by her question that I couldn’t even speak for a moment.  You think my kids are homeschooled because of their good behavior???  The kids all got a hearty laugh on the way home that someone thought homeschooled kids must be better behaved than others (let’s keep it real, folks!).  But it was a kind word from a stranger, well-spoken, and a gift to this sometimes discipline-weary mama. 🙂

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