Starting out Sunday vol 1


We spent the weekend at my mom’s house and farm.  It is an absolutely idyllic place!



Completely at home here-she catches grasshoppers with her bare hands and feeds them to the hens.  She also has no problem catching the chickens if they get out!


Picking homegrown blackberries




I’ve got tons more pictures but WordPress is acting up at this late hour of the night so I’ll have to post more this week.  Once it saves a draft it will only post pictures in a small size.  So all the rest of the pictures in this post will be half sized.  I miss Blogger and might switch back.  Argh.

Plans for this week…

In the garden

Spending a few days around a beautiful garden


butterfly garden


corn and onions here

inspired my kids so they want to have a “gardening morning”  and try to salvage our front yard flower beds.  They were also interested that our neighbors down the street received a citation from the city for their unmowed lawn.  Apparently you are not allowed to let weeds grow higher than 9 inches.  They are worried that we might get a ticket for these unkempt flower beds.  

In the kitchen

We got home to find that with our cats locked indoors for the weekend while we were gone, the birds and squirrels made off with the rest of our peaches.  We did get two random pumpkins.  Wrong season though everyone wants a pumpkin pie now.


In the nursery

Baby T is doing great, except his teeth keep waking him up at night.  So why am I blogging going on midnight?   

In the schoolroom

W has  a few math lessons to finish up, hopefully before his birthday on July 2.  That’s his goal.  And lots of reading.


L has to keep up reading and math facts.  But it is going to be really nice not to have to wake up early tomorrow morning and start schooling!