Summer Goals


Most of the year I spend pouring my heart and soul into my children’s education, and that’s as I want it to be.  But during the summer, I can focus a bit more on myself, and on my longsuffering house, which gets pretty neglected during the school year.  Some goals for the summer…

1. Spirit–find a new spiritual director (former one moved away), start reading St. Francis de Sales’s Introduction to the Devout Life

2. Mind–here’s a hopefully-not-too-ambitious summer reading list:

Fiction is missing from this list, as it has been from my reading stack for some time.  Any recommendations?

3. Body–try the Perfect Health Diet  if I like the book.  Do I really need to read the book?  I think I already know I’m not going to lose this baby weight unless I stop eating wheat.  Maybe it will help me get serious.

Also, come up with a workable skincare routine.  I woke up one morning recently and realized I should have worn sunscreen in my 20s.  Suddenly I have spots on my forehead that won’t go away and circles under my eyes whether or not I slept well the night before.  So I’ve been reading a lot online, and it sounds like Retinol is the magic ingredient in anti-aging products.  But, it’s contraindicated for pregnancy and breastfeeding, which means it’s probably not that good to rub into my face every day in any case.  I’ve been scouring EWG’s Skin Deep website for some natural products to try.  Also would appreciate any good recommendations.  I’d like to find some natural alternatives to my cheapo chemical-laden drugstore makeup as well.

4. House–teach the kids (and myself) to clean the house during the week.  For years N has taken charge of cleaning on Saturdays, while I’ve done errands, neither of which I’ve been brave enough to tackle during the week with the kids and homeschooling.  Cleaning is so not my thing, but I want to try…not making any promises…to take over the housecleaning chore from my already super hardworking husband.  He’s also going to be spending some Saturdays working at my mom’s farm.  So if he’s working 6 days a week, it’s time for me to take charge of the mop.  And I do have help.

IMG_1781  I presented the kids with two charts, one for Tuesday cleaning and one for Friday cleaning.  They’re getting paid, and the first day they definitely earned their keep (took about 4 hours and we got to everything except dusting and scrubbing the toilet bowl).  Friday we’ll tackle the yard and touch up vacuuming.  My inner sloth groaned through the whole thing, but it was a good start.

So, here’s to a summer that’s already whizzing by…


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