Starting out Sunday vol 3



While N did more of this this weekend, the kids and I stayed home for our homeschool group’s Kids’ Marketplace.


This was the brainchild of my friend Lindsey, and it was a great success.  The kids set up tables selling things they had made, or, in W’s case, grown. 🙂


He made about $8, which means, combined with the organic produce we ate from it, the garden just about paid for itself.


This crew pulled in $12 selling lemonade, cupcakes, and banana bread.  I think they spent at least that much at other kids’ tables. 🙂


All this excitement helped keep us busy while Papa was gone for three days, but we sure did miss him.

It was also really hot.  The official high was an any-month-other-than-August & September record of 107, but our thermometer went higher than that in the sun.


The date and time are totally wrong, and I can’t figure out how to fix that.  Down at the bottom it shows the indoor temp, a steamy 85 until the A/C man showed up to make things right, and they still aren’t totally right.  Oh, I really hope our old unit lasts until next summer!!

In the kitchen…hopefully nothing–leftovers or grilling all this week!

In the schoolroom…W’s last math test tomorrow and then a good break.  His birthday coming up this week, and more summer fun.  I took all the kids to the pool by myself this weekend, so now I know I can do it without having a stroke.  It still scares me to have them in the water though.  Here’s the instinctive drowning response video, if you haven’t seen it yet this year.

In the nursery… T has definitely been missing his Papa during those middle of the night wakings.  Or maybe that was me!

I am contemplating…all the goings on in the wider world this past week.  I’ve read the worst case scenario and the hopeful scenario.  We also are in the middle of our own political drama in Texas right now, and it bothers me that every time I open the newspaper I read about how the pro-life senators are in it only for political gain, while the pro-choice ones are the only ones who speak for women.  I have felt so disquieted about all of it, and then this post was so good, about both issues.  Texas definitely needs prayers tomorrow morning, however.

I am readingEmily Post’s Table Manners for Kids with my kids.  As for myself, mostly the news and commentary on the news this week–need to take a break and pick up Anne of Green Gables or something!