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1. Whenever we visit my mom, who lives out in the country near Waco, we attend Mass at Assumption Catholic Church, the parish in West, Texas, where the big explosion occurred earlier this year.  Several parishioners died in the explosion, and many more lost all they owned.  But it’s clear there is something really special about this parish, which exudes a sense of holiness and reverence.  One of the most remarkable things occurs at the end of every Mass.  First, not a single person leaves before the recessional hymn is completed.  As soon as the hymn has ended, every single person in the congregation kneels down in silence; then, after a few moments, everyone quietly begins to leave the sanctuary.  I have never seen anything like it.  N. mentioned it’s like witnessing parents managing an extremely well-behaved group of children.  I have heard many pastors complain about people leaving Mass early, or politely request that everyone keep quiet after Mass, but this pastor apparently has successfully taught his parishioners to actually do it!

2. I mentioned I’ve been looking for natural skin products, and hoping to find something that will rejuvenate my skin without poisoning the rest of me.  I think I’ve found it.

Egyptian Magic

I don’t ever believe beauty product claims, and I never shell out big bucks for products.  But, when I saw a big batch of it for sale at Costco, with a satisfaction guarantee, I thought I couldn’t go wrong.  Turns out this stuff is amazing.  I got it for my face, and in the three weeks I’ve been using it, I have stopped wearing concealer over the dark circles and random spots on my face–they’re just gone!  I’ve put it on the heels of my feet, where I’ve had chronic cracked skin for about 15 years, and my heels are completely smoothing out.  I’m definitely a believer now!

3. We are planning a family vacation/ road trip during the month of August, and I’ve been trying to book hotels for us to stay in along the way.  After two nights at the beach two years ago with six of us (then) crammed into a room with 2 queen beds and 2 air mattresses on the floor–I had to climb over a body to get to the bathroom in the middle of the night, and we could barely breathe in the room after someone took a shower–I said NEVER AGAIN.  Minimum a 2 room suite or we stay home.  Well it’s no small feat to find a place that can house 7 people in one room/ suite, so I’ve discovered.   Enter Six Suitcase Travel, a search engine for hotels across the world that can accommodate families our size and up.  So helpful.  And also amazing how big our family is now!

4. St. Benedict‘s feast day today.  Our little Benedict was so proud and excited to receive his name day blessing from this book.

Tomie de Paola has such a good book about St. Benedict (and his twin sister).   I wanted to read it to the kids today but didn’t get to it.  N. read it to them this evening.  It was so sweet to see our Ben’s twin sister give him a blessing tonight too.





5. And this little love just learned to clap, pray, and say “more” all in one.



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  1. Jennifer

    Catherine, thank you for sharing/describing your experience at Assumption Catholic Church. I am ashamed to say that – due to the busyness and self-absorption of daily life – I have not been keeping the people of (near) Waco in my prayers lately. They have moved back up to the top of my list, and I thank you for that reminder.

    Regarding #4, I LOVE Tomie de Paola – it’s hard not to, right! – and I am so excited to learn about this book. I will definitely need to track it down for my little ones.

  2. Lindsey

    We stopped in West today for some delicious kolaches at The Czech Stop. I love to hear about their parish!

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