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7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 224)

1. Today is the feast day of Blessed Louis and Zelie Martin, parents of St. Therese.  Having raised the “greatest saint of modern times,” they are truly the patron saints of modern Christian parents.  I read the story of their family earlier this year and highly recommend it.

2. Prayers needed for our state legislature…abortion bill to be voted on tonight or tomorrow.  Jen’s article at NCR was very timely.  Also despite everything I read lately in the Houston Chronicle, apparently the majority of Americans, and American women, are in favor of restricting late-term abortions.

3. N. and I have been doing one on one “dates” with our kids, and tomorrow morning is my turn to take L. out—he’s chosen IHOP.  Can’t wait!

4.  But, I won’t be eating any pancakes there.  I’ve just finished reading The Perfect Health Diet, which I’ve been reading about for a couple years on Jen’s blog and wow.  It is a totally comprehensive and yet totally readable nutrition compendium.  I have started implementing the diet about 80% in the past week and have already lost 3 lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. We are listening to The Fellowship of the Ring in the car with the family.  I’m loving it as I have only seen the films, never read the books before.  W. is also reading Harry Potter for the first time, and it’s quite interesting to hear him notice all the parallels.  Wait, the Dementors are just like the Black Riders!  Is Sirius Black supposed to be Aragorn?   Ron = Samwise.  Hermione, however, seems to be all Rowling. 🙂

6. Our new cleaning routine is really working.  The kids are doing a great job.  I’m learning to clean.  My current project is getting the years-old soap scum off the shower glass doors.  I’ve tried baking soda, vinegar, Method bathroom cleaner, Windex, Magic Eraser, and Bon Ami.  It’s better, but it’s still there.  Next up: dryer sheets.

7. We are taking the whole family to a classical music concert this weekend…planning to sit in the balcony so I can slip out with the baby if needed.  The kids are skeptical but willing to go since it means staying up late!  Have a great weekend!



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  1. Mary Davidson

    To learn more about Blessed Louis and Zelie Martin, please visit God bless you!

  2. #2: YAAAAAAAY!!!!!!
    #4: MUST read. It’s been on my list, but thanks for the reminder.
    #6: Keep us updated. It’s a constant struggle for me

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