Starting out Sunday


This weekend...N. and I snuck away to the theater and saw an Agatha Christie play–“The Hollow,” and it was deliciously creepy.

We are also celebrating the end of an old job and start of a new one.  And a month off in between!!

This week...the kids are heading to VBS at our parish.  This is my planning week for next year’s school year.  Or will I spend the entire week blogging 7 posts in 7 days?  I have been wanting to write more but am still, honestly, not sure where this blog is going (thus all the link-up posts!).  I’m still stuck in thinking of it like my previous blog, which I kept from 2008-2011, and which was all about my kids, our home remodel after Hurricane Ike, and my agonizing over whether or not to homeschool.  Now our home is fixed, I’m happy with our homeschool, and my kids are just too old for me to blog openly about them anymore.

I read recently that you should write the blog you want to read, the one for which you stay up late at night searching the Internet.  I’m embarrassed to say that I mostly search the Internet late at night for things like cleaning routines, meal plans, and homeschooling schedules, and I’m afraid I’d bore my friends and family to tears with posts like that.  I’ve also searched the blogosphere for someone reading through a do-it-yourself classical education list like The Well-Educated Mind and briefly considered that except that I’ve been on the same book from that list for almost a year now!  Well, I’m up for the challenge of a daily post this week when the kids head off to VBS, so we shall see.

In the kitchen…I don’t have any grand plans yet.  I am implementing the Perfect Health Diet now so maybe I’ll do a post on that this week.  The best part about reading that book is that my oldest son, who has been on a grain-free paleo style diet for 5 years, has been willing to try some rice recently and hasn’t had any problems!   It would be such a blessing if our family could all eat the same things.

In the garden…W and I bought a lot of seeds for our fall garden.  Maybe this will be the season when we really weed and take care of things and have a great yield.  Ever hopeful!

In the schoolroom...I just purchased All About Spelling for my three little ones who will be in Kindergarten through 2nd grade next year.  I’ve heard good things about this program and am hopeful it will be a great help to my two very kinesthetic learners especially.

In the nursery…

photoI’ve never had a baby so young talk so much, or a baby so old move so little.  At 11 months, the other four were walking or just about to, but this happy little guy still scoots and as he’s starting to pull up now I don’t think he’s ever going to crawl.  He can scoot with his right hand and still hold a toy in his left, so why bother trying anything else?  But he says “hot” whenever I tell him not to touch something, and “Jesus” whenever he sees and points to a crucifix.  And a whole lot of words that we don’t quite understand yet!

I’m reading and contemplating...this article I just read in First Things about how questions of faith are now almost completely absent from serious contemporary fiction, and how some prominent writers are proposing throwing out novels altogether because they are just too cohesive for our postmodern reality.  The article’s author says that most religiously minded readers have abandoned contemporary fiction and just read the oldie-but-goodies like Tolkien and Flannery O’Connor.  I’d add that there’s some great young adult fiction out there that still assumes a coherent moral universe (Harry Potter, anyone?), but I agree that there’s not a single serious contemporary novel that interests me these days.  If only all the awesome mom bloggers out there would set their talents to novel writing…

See you tomorrow!


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  1. abby

    I love reading the range of thoughts… so keep it up; at least for now don’t let perfect become the enemy of good! 😉 Not saying that its average but just saying go for it… have you ever tried to edit it down and “print/publish” past blogs… I feel like it could be cool to have some form of a diary that the kids could read later, or you could reread later… anyway, it is my chronic question… who is my audience and if you can’t be pretty vulnerable/specific does that limit the quality of what you are writing? But, i’m enjoying and using many of your links!

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