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1. A boy who knows how to bake

We are getting ready to head out for 2 1/2 weeks.  I’ve been washing and packing and baking.  We’ll be going through 9 states and staying in 3 homes, 2 hotels, and 1 beach house.  Today B. said to me, “The beach house is going to be the best thing I’ve ever done in my whole life.  And the drive there is going to be the worst!”  Oh dear, I hope not.

Since W. eats almost no processed food, I’ve got to plan ahead.  We should be able to bake at the 2 houses, but we have made a lot of food for W. to eat on the first leg of the trip, which has the longer hotel stay.  W. cooked a bunch of waffles and helped whip up muffins too.


And, so I don’t have to bring any cookbooks along, I’ve stored all my basic recipes here on a tab on my home page.  I’ll dress it up with pictures when I can.

Kids and N. all packed today–just myself and the baby and dog (to the kennel) to go…

2. “Snow” at the zoo


I said already it takes a lot to get us Texans to the zoo in July!


Watch out, world!

3. Real snow cones


4.  Boys who can mow

photo (12)

The older boys have mowed the lawn all summer and have earned enough $$ to take themselves and Papa to a big huge water park tomorrow.  They are so excited!!!

5. Our pope. I love his style.  And the reminder not to judge individuals, while we continue to uphold unchanging moral truth.  I wonder what his reaction has been to all the hullabaloo over his words yesterday and the media’s insinuations that he is “changing things.”  I suspect he takes it all in stride.  I also love what he said about Pope Emeritus Benedict–that having him in the Vatican is like having a wise old grandfather in your home.  I do wish the media would stop acting as though there is a Camp Benedict and Camp Francis, although in our house, with a kid named after each, there kind of is. 🙂


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