Five Favorites


1. Today is the feast day of St. Joseph of Cupertino, sometimes called St. Joseph the Dunce, because of his serious learning difficulties.  He may have had autism, because he was given to severe tantrums as a child as well as fits of staring off into space, which earned him the name “Joseph the Open-Mouthed.”  Despite enormous challenges and prejudice against him, St. Joseph became a Franciscan brother and eventually a priest, against the will of his fellow monks, according to the lovely old film about him The Reluctant Saint.  As a priest, he began levitating while saying Mass, an ability that caused him to be investigated by the Inquisition and led to another title “The Flying Saint.”

His family and fellow monks were constantly irritated by him, but the poor honored his humility and revered him as a holy man.  After his death, he was found to be incorruptible (his body has not decayed).

He’s such an interesting character and patron saint of students with learning difficulties as well as astronauts and pilots!  Here is a short summary of his life and another more detailed.

2.  I’d forgotten all about these easy three ingredient peanut butter cookies until my friend Anna reminded me that we’d given her this recipe.  Now they are a favorite again (gluten free, but not Perfect Health Diet, alas some family members are stricter about this diet than others) :-):

1 cup peanut butter

1 cup sugar

1 egg

Mix and roll into balls.  Bake at 350 for 10 minutes.  We add chocolate chips too. 🙂

3. Just watched Twelve Angry Men, a classic jury room drama about one juror who doesn’t believe the accused is guilty.  From the looks of the “Homages” category in the film’s Wikipedia entry it appears to be the classic jury room drama.  It was great.

4. All the blog posts I’ve seen the past few weeks about quitting Facebook.  It’s something I think about regularly.  And then an old friend posts a picture from college days and I can’t quit.

Photo: Another cute couple pic.

5.  Books by Jean Craighead George.  One of our favorite children’s authors.  She deserves her own post, so I just may do a What We’re Reading Wednesday post on this first day in three weeks that we haven’t needed to leave the house!

Two posts in three weeks, and then two posts in one day (if that actually  happens) would firmly plant me in the “Random Diary” category of mommy bloggers.

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