Catching Up


I keep intending to post a schedule of our days, but as soon as I make one it sits back and starts laughing at me.  We have been so busy with all we expected for this year and a whole lot more too.  Now this week I am under the weather and the van is too, so we’ve had to slow down a bit, actually a lot.  I’d love it if I could back in the swing of blogging while I’m homebound for a couple days, but no promises here.

Needing to slow down has also helped me to focus on what is most needed for each child, rather than trying to cram in every subject every day.  I never can seem to get my head around the idea that it isn’t going to look like school, no matter how much we accomplish.

I find myself looking back with nostalgia on the “good old days” when everyone was little and we read picture books for hours and no one needed driving to any afternoon activities.  But that is not my life anymore, and I do love the way the kids are growing up.  Although William is going to be a middle schooler next year!  How can I cherish these last years of growing up even more?


Okay, maybe “last years” is a little melodramatic. 🙂