7QT about Iphones, temperaments and dumb thieves


It’s been too long since I’ve joined the 7 Quick Takes party, so here goes.

1. I just got an Iphone, and I think N. and the kids are even more excited about it than I am.  This is a pretty big step for me, since I have been using a corded landline, somewhat defiantly, for a long time now.

What everyone around here is most excited about is that it films in slow motion–I think the most use I have gotten out of the phone so far has been slo-mo videos of the kids making just about every movement they can imagine–bouncing balls, trampoline flips, tossing dice–it is pretty cool, I must say.

2. Advent is quickly approaching, and I just remembered today to order the Advent candle making kit we have used every year for the past many years.  Usually, I remember as I’m preparing Thanksgiving dinner and I place a rush order.  While I was at it today, I ordered the Paschal candle kit for Easter too, since I have never remembered that one during the appropriate season, not even at the last minute.

3. I have been reading 2K to 10K: Writing Faster, Writing Better, and Writing More of What You Love, and I thought the author’s point about the resolution of a story being perhaps the most important part of a book was spot on.  If a book ends too quickly, readers won’t like it no matter how good the rest of the story was.  The kids and I just finished listening to Jean Craighead George’s Tree Castle Island in the car, and while it was a fascinating story full of unusual twists and turns, the last chapter was totally unsatisfying.  There was very little resolution, and we were disappointed in one of our favorite authors.

I always feel like I need a little break between stories, like at least waiting until the next time we get in the car, but the kids are ready to jump into a new story right away.  So we started All-of-a-Kind Family.

This is a very sweet story about a family of 5 daughters growing up in the Lower East Side of Manhattan 100 years ago.  My only worry about this book was that it would increase Marie’s deep longing for a sister.  Five girls!  Sharing one room!  Just as I expected, last night as I was tucking her into her own bed in her own lonely room, she sighed, “Oh when am I going to have someone to share a room with?”

4. I’m also reading The Temperament God Gave You. 

This is a book on the four classic temperament types that’s been recommended to me by many friends, but I finally got it when our pediatrician recommended it for me to deal with one particular child.  What do you know?  Turns out that child and I have the exact opposite temperament.  Supposedly even the 16 Myers-Briggs temperaments can be boiled down to these classic 4 as well: choleric, sanguine, melancholic, and phlegmatic.  I’m 110% melancholic, and I think my four older kids are each one of the 4.  If you know them, feel free to guess who is who in the comments!  I’m not positive about Teddy yet, but I think we can narrow it down to phlegmatic or sanguine!


Okay, all this book talk qualifies this post for a link up with Jessica too!

5. N. recently had his car broken into during the night in our driveway.  The job was clearly the result of a master criminal.  The thief stole N.’s portable CD player but actually left behind his own flashlight.  Like the thief left his flashlight in our car.  We’re pretty sure the flashlight is worth more than the old discman was, and the kids had fun playing “dumb thief” all day with it!


6. Today William was asking me about some difference between our family and that of one of his friends.  In defense of the way we do things on this particular issue, I named a number of our friends who have made the same decision we have.  He said, “No, no, I mean normal people who go to public school and have Ipods.”  When did he realize that we are definitely not normal? 🙂

7. Along the same lines…the kids made a craft at our co-op this week about the date of their baptism and had to bring in a copy of a picture of their baptism.  Earlier the other moms of kids around 10 years old and I were lamenting how hard it was going to be to find a picture from those baptisms, because they were before the age of digital cameras.  For William, I was going to actually have to dig through old photo albums to find what I needed, while the other kids all have photos stored on Snapfish I could easily print out.

We all enjoyed looking through the old albums, but when I told the kids what I was doing and that it was only a few years ago that we had cameras where you couldn’t look at the picture right after you took it they were shocked.  “I had no idea old fashioned things were so close to now!!”

And now to go enjoy my new Iphone…