Fall in Houston


We took a long nature walk the other day


at our favorite park along White Oak Bayou.

IMG_0142  IMG_0153

We get a little bit of fall color this far south.



We gathered leaves.


This one turned out to be a White Oak, right along White Oak Bayou!


Chinese tallow leaves.  This tree is an invader to the ecosystem, but brings as pretty a fall display as we get here.


This was a rare morning when I took it easy and we learned something about our city’s flora altogether.  I’ve been incredibly busy this semester and haven’t done much “fun school.”  But when I take time to blog, I tend to remember the good and the beautiful, instead of the stressful and the frustrating.  This was a really nice morning.

Another day we spent a morning at a local food pantry sorting canned goods and decorating bags to be filled with Thanksgiving food for families.  Most of the kids churned out 10 or 15 bags and then spent their time with the canned goods.  William spent the entire morning on this one bag.