What We’re Reading Wednesday–2nd week of Advent


 I just finished listening to an audio of Gary Chapman’s The Five Love Languages.  I read it in college but thought I needed a brush-up. Although I picked it up at the library intending to listen to it in the car during Christmas errands, the kids got hold of it and REALLY wanted to hear it and then were totally fascinated trying to figure out their own love languages. That was pretty fun, and prompted some interesting discussions about marriage with them. I’m sure they hadn’t realized that a happy marriage actually takes some work!

The Five Love Languages for Children is going to be our next in-the-van book. But while we wait for that one to arrive, we are finishing up More All of a Kind Family,

More All-of-a-Kind Family (All-of-a-Kind Family, #3)the third in the series by Sydney Taylor about a large Jewish family in Manhattan during World War I.  It’s kind of like a Jewish Little House in the Big City.  Mama even has a china shepherdess.  I’m finding the description of how the family celebrates all the different religious feasts pretty interesting.

But, we do also read actual paper books in this house.  For Advent I really wanted to get back to daily reading together on the couch in the evening, and we are doing it with this series.   Each of the three books in the series has a chapter a day from the First Sunday of Advent until Christmas morning.  We’re reading the second book this year. 

This is a pretty dramatic story, and each chapter ends with a big-time cliff-hanger, so even the kids who are generally less eager to sit on the couch and read with me really don’t want to miss this story.

For literature, William’s reading The Witch of Blackbird Pond, by Elizabeth George Speare, which is a classic that I wish I’d read when I was his age.  According to the intro, this book was the first (and only?) book to be awarded the Newbery Medal by a single unanimous vote.  It’s definitely a girls’ book, and the characters who fall in love are named Katherine (Kit) and Nathaniel (Nat). 🙂  William doesn’t love it, but the history (Puritan-era Connecticut, complete with a witch trial) is enough to keep his interest.  I would recommend it for any girl age 10 & up.  We’ve read several books by this author, and they’ve all been wonderful.  Apparently she waited until her own children were teenagers to start writing, and then wrote four classic children’s novels, two of which won the Newbery Medal.

The Witch of Blackbird Pond

William’s also reading Harry Potter #4 in his free time.  I got in line at a bookstore in Oxford, England very early one July morning in 2000 to purchase this book.  Almost everyone I passed in the streets that day was carrying a copy!  Now would it all be on Kindle?


Our parish had its first ever Las Posadas this week, so we read The Night of Las Posadas, by Tomie dePaola.

The Night of Las Posadas

And since we’ve been working with gingerbread…

2013-12-06 14.50.27

We had to read some Jan Brett Christmas books!

gingerbread_baby_jacket_300.jpg (26325 bytes)

2008 Free School or Library Visit

But Christmas Trolls is my very favorite of all her books.

Christmas Trolls

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