Advent journal


Teddy turned 16 months old yesterday!  At his 15 month check-up about 3 weeks ago, he could take 2 or 3 steps at a time and was saying about 5 or 6 words.  The pediatrician said to bring him back at 2 years, where he’d expect him to be saying about 50-100 words.  Teddy must have taken that as a challenge because 3 weeks later, he is walking all over the place and adding 2 or 3 words to his vocabulary every day.  I wrote down 40 words yesterday that he says consistently (and adorably).  And then this morning he woke up with “Clementine!”

A list of the words he’s learned would be like a journal of the past couple weeks.

The day he learned to stand the new word was “standing.”


We went camping for a night over Thanksgiving, and he learned “dirty.”  Except for him it’s a noun that means stick.


Too cute to correct.  When he first spotted our Christmas tree, he pointed to it, shouting, “DIRTY!”


A toddler learning to talk is a lot like the movie Bambi.  His first word was horse, which for a while meant all animals.


The day it turned cold he learned “sock,” which also means shoe.

When we made the first hot chocolate of the season he said “hot chocky,” and that quickly became anything he really liked to eat.  Until we made a gingerbread house on St. Nicholas Day

2013-12-06 14.24.02

and he learned “cookie,” which then became “candy and all treats that were in my St. Nicholas Day stocking.”


Advent is a great time to learn “hot!”




Last Sunday in Mass I gave him a small mirror that opens and closes like a locket to play with, and he kept saying “booky” while he opened it and then “Teddy!” while he smiled at his image in the mirror.  Very sweet–until he hurled it at the folks in the pew in front of us!

He’s got “Mama” and “Papa” down, but somedays it seems like “Mama” means “parent I want to pick me up” and “Papa” means “parent who is coming or going.”

Being a later walker has meant more time in arms than the other children had, as well as tons of attention from many eager helpers trying to encourage him to take those steps.


But all big brothers are “Ben” so far!