2013 in 13 photos


Here’s a look back at the last year!

January 2013 found us ringing in the new year at my mom’s place in the country.

In February, Benedict responded to our pope’s resignation by sending him a valentine.

In March, we had a home full of guests–dear friends from college and their five children, and then Nathaniel’s mom, who braved along with us our very first Easter Vigil Mass as a family.

April, far from the cruelest month in Houston, saw a lot of time outside and in the garden.  Inspired by all the beautiful pictures I was snapping left and right, I re-entered the online world and opened up this here little corner of the blogosphere.

William also celebrated his First Holy Communion.

In May, we added a puppy to our family.  Still working on training that girl (the canine one)!

Cora is a sweet dog, but our hopes that a cute puppy would convert our two kids who are afraid of dogs into animal lovers haven’t quite been realized!

In June, I turned 35, and we celebrated 11 years.

In July, William turned 10, and we headed out on a grand family vacation, visiting my aunt and 91-year-old grandma.

In August, we continued our travels to visit more dear friends and family, and we finished off our vacation at the beach, where our little cutie pie turned 1 and revealed his grave fear of icing (long since overcome by now!).

Also in August, Nathaniel’s brother and family moved to Houston for a new job, so we returned from vacation to cousins!!!  We’re all thrilled they are settling here for now.

September found all of us hitting the books again, our homeschool busy with activities, co-ops and classes.  Nathaniel also began a new teaching job.  His school is quite unusual in that it really encourages friendship between the faculty families and the students’ families.  We have all felt welcome at the school and enjoyed attending different activities there.

The second week of October we had three birthdays, as always!  Louis turned 8, and Ben and Marie turned 6.  The three of them also began gymnastics classes, and William joined the wrestling team at Nathaniel’s school.  I decided to help start an American Heritage Girls troop so Marie could participate.  Our schedule suddenly was packed!

In November we took our first successful family camping trip.  Nathaniel and the boys have camped together for years, but we all try to block out the memory of that first time the baby and I came along last fall!  Anyway, this time we went the day after Thanksgiving, and it was a lot of fun.


December brought us a peaceful Advent (first December I can recall that no one got the flu) and a happy Christmas.

January 1, 2014 finds us back where we started, at Grandma’s house, enjoying the best playground in the world.


Looking through these pictures, I feel very, very blessed.  God was very generous with us this year–good health, a better job, and a lot of time seeing friends and family.  Looking forward to next year…we are seriously thinking of sending the older two boys to Nathaniel’s school in the fall–a boys’ school with lots of athletics, outdoor and arts education and a super amazing middle school science and Latin teacher. 🙂   It would mean a big change to our homeschool but would also open up new possibilities for everyone, school opportunities for the boys, obviously, but also more time for me and the ones still at home. We shall see how it all works out.

We’re also looking forward to Louis celebrating his first Confession during Lent and First Holy Communion, which will probably be on the day Popes John Paul II and John XXIII are canonized.  And everyone is hoping that we don’t wait another 10 years to take a family vacation–we’re going to try!

Lots of other bloggers are posting “2013 in 13 photos” posts at the very fun blog House Unseen Life Unscripted, so I am going to link up there too.  Happy New Year all, and thank you for hosting, Dwij!


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