7QT: Ice Edition


1. It didn’t snow last night, of course, but everything was frozen this morning.  The trampoline was covered in a sheet of ice, and William figured out if they jumped on it, it would break up into “snow.”


So they even got to throw “snowballs.” 🙂


A bit surprised by the cold but not about to miss anything.

2. We were sick with the stomach flu all week.  It started on Sunday night with the baby, and then one by one, day after day, they all fell like dominos.  I had my own miserable hibernation Monday night/ Tuesday, and N. was the last to get hit, last night.

This morning, when I snapped at one of the kids for touching a game I had just pulled out for him to play with, I thought what is the matter with me?  And then I realized I could not remember the last time I left the house…could it have been…yes it was…the last time I left the house was for Mass on Sunday morning!  AAAAHHHH!!!

3. Everyone is on the mend now, our washing machine is still running 50 million loads of sheets later, and I reentered the land of the living this afternoon.  Never was a trip to return an overdue book to the library so anticipated, or a kindergarten gymnastics class so thrilling.  (Actually the kids’ gym is pretty cool, with an Olympic medalist usually practicing a few feet away from the boys’ class).

4. Our twins slept through the night, walked, weaned, potty-trained, took off their training wheels, and learned to read within days of each other.  And then, a couple months ago, Ben went and lost his first two teeth before Marie’s had even started to wiggle!  What betrayal.  But today, all is well.


5. I’m really looking forward to the upcoming series from Amongst Lovely Things, “Teaching from a State of Rest.” Sarah clarifies that by rest she doesn’t mean

a full night’s sleep, or no mother on the face of the planet would ever be rested. It isn’t having everything checked off the to-do list so that we can (finally!) sit down with a cup of tea and do something in peace.

Rest is being where God wants us to be. It is doing what He wants us to do.

Rest is, simply put, obedience to Him. When we talk about teaching from a state of rest, we are really talking about following His call. That’s the only way we can be restful, because there is always more to do. There are always more things to achieve. In case you haven’t noticed, there is no shortage of curricular materials available to you. There are always more subjects to teach, and you could always study harder or longer or smarter so that your students score better on the SAT.

There is always more, but sometimes God is calling us to less, done for His glory, done with our whole hearts. Done imperfectly.

I can’t wait to read more.

6. This series will be just in time to meet the February homeschooling doldrums head on.  I’m also scheduling field trips to get us out of the house and searching for more inspiring reading to keep me uplifted.  I really liked this post from Sally Thomas (but I like just about everything from Sally Thomas).

7. It’ll be another freezing night here, so I’m going to go curl up on the couch with some Sleepytime tea and read some more quick takes at Jen’s.

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