3 Reasons – Kids’ Edition


Micaela’s January edition of 3 Reasons I love Catholicism ends today, so I asked the kids at breakfast what they like best about being Catholic.

1.  “Communion!!”  They didn’t hesitate for a moment on this one.  “We really get to have Jesus’ body and blood!”

At our co-op this month, they learned about Blessed Imelda Lambertini, born in 1322 and a patron saint of first communicants. She had been longing to receive for many years but was considered too young, until a miracle occurred that convinced her priest to allow to receive earlier than most children.

Apparently Imelda was known to say, “How can anyone receive Jesus and not die of happiness?”  Then, at the moment of her first communion, she went into religious ecstasy and actually died on the spot with a smile on her face.  I have to admit I thought this story was a bit creepy when I heard it.   Okay kids, everybody ready for their first communion now?  Don’t worry!  This has never happened again!  But not my kids.  After the class, I asked them if they were scared now about their first communion.  Nope.  They said they know they’re not going to die.  But, if you have to, why not die of happiness?  “That wouldn’t hurt at all!”

2. “Pretty churches.”  I do love how every bit of Catholic architecture has theological significance.  You could hold many a catechism lesson just by walking around your parish church.

The baptismal font is by the entrance.  Baptism is our entrance into God’s family.  The church is in the shape of a cross.  Our entire faith is based on Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross.  The stained glass windows tell the story of salvation and church history.  And there’s lots to entertain babies too.  When Teddy looks up at the ceiling in our parish, he sees the huge wooden beams and calls out, “STICK!!!”

3. Anymore things you like about being Catholic?  This from Louis, who is preparing for his First Confession this Lent.  “I like that there’s Confession.  I think it will be great to say all my sins and get to stop remembering them and remembering them.”  Me too, Louis, me too.