Why I can’t do 7 posts in 7 days, but might try anyway


Jen has thrown down the gauntlet again, and I don’t know if I’m up for it.

7 day blog challenge 7 posts, 7 days

I mean really up for it.  There are enough link-ups out there for every day of the week that I could squeak by with doing one of those a day or posting a cute picture of my kids every day.  But really writing 7 posts in 7 days?  Come to think of it, connecting to a link-up or posting a cute picture of my kids is pretty much all I do on this blog anyway.  So the real question is, am I up for real blogging?  Or is posting here just easier on my mental health than posting the same things on Facebook?  (Definitely yes!)

I had a blog several years back where I got really personal and shared our family’s journey helping one of our kids through therapy for developmental issues.  I think the blog’s little band of followers really appreciated reading it; they offered support, and I made some new friends as a result, but overall I couldn’t shake the nagging feeling that I was sharing too much.  It didn’t help that there were some readers who were very vocal in their criticism of our way of handling things (not in the combox but in real life).  I got burned (and learned a few good life lessons).

But I enjoy writing, and blogging is the wanna-be writer’s dream!  I just haven’t quite figured out what to write about this go around.  Except books of course.  Without Jessica’s link-up, this blog would be really boring!

The other reason I don’t blog well anymore is I haven’t been able to fit a regular blogging time into my life.  Teddy wakes me up before 6am most mornings, and I use that precious hour before N. leaves for work for extra sleep or prayer & exercise anyway.  Homeschooling takes most of the day these days, and evenings are for unfinished housework and my hubby (hopefully not in that order, right?).  The only time I blog is the occasional afternoon where Teddy takes a long nap and William doesn’t need my help in a harder subject and I don’t need a nap too.  That comes out to 1 or 2 afternoons a week, and that’s when I draft my book review for Jessica.  When I blogged before, the kids were younger, homeschooling took an hour or two, and I could blog while they played outside for hours or watched a little show.

If I want to participate in an interesting 7 posts in 7 days, or start blogging for real, I need to find time for it.  I’m writing this post on Sunday morning since we’re all home sick.  My big kids are watching old episodes of Rin-Tin-Tin and Teddy is disassembling the big kids’ Lego creations.  Outside of sick days, we just don’t have stretches of time like this anymore.

Maybe if I commit, I’ll just let the laundry slide find the time.  Or maybe I should carve out the time ahead.  I think my options are:

  1. Get up at 5am. (I think Sarah does it this way)
  2. Go to bed at midnight. (I think many bloggers do it this way)
  3. Commit to sitting down at the computer at 1pm NO MATTER WHAT.

In typical melancholic fashion, I can only imagine the downsides to options 1-3.  So I better just commit.  I am going to post every day this week.  I can’t promise there will be no link-ups or cute pictures posts, or that I won’t decide mid-way that sharing our read-alouds and photogenic moments is truly all I can manage right now, but maybe just maybe I’ll hit my groove and start up an interesting site again.

Now that was a lot of navel gazing!  But what else are blogs for?


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