Good-bye to Gluten Free


It had been 7 1/2 years since William had tasted bread.  When I read The Perfect Health Diet last summer and convinced him to try a few grains and starches, which after we quickly gave up that demanding diet turned into trying a Communion host and then a few goldfish crackers and then a chocolate chip or two, little did I know we were well on the way to a return to ordinary eating that I thought would never happen.  Six months later, he is now fully gluten – and sugar – ful!  We’ll keep monitoring things, but right now we are just in celebration mode!

Good-bye to grainy bread and cardboard pizza crust and pasta that turns to stone in an hour!

Good-bye to a slice of grain-free “bread” that amounts to consuming an entire cup of almond butter in one bite!

Good-bye to “add $10 per ounce for the gluten-free version” at the bottom of the restaurant menu!

Good-bye to the $50 box of grain- and sugar-free holiday treats containing exactly 2 lollipops, 6 cookies, and 4 cupcakes!

Good-bye to ripping through 5 dozen eggs a week (3 dozen of them holding a few grain-free pancakes or muffins together)!

Good-bye to the weekly pioneer-style baking day!

Good-bye to peeling blanched almonds one by one to make almond milk!

Good-bye to bringing an entire made-from-scratch-down-to-the-hand-peeled-almonds meal for William to every single social function!   (okay, maybe a slight exaggeration)

Good-bye to the extensive explanatory email sent to anyone who has ever hosted us for dinner!

We are gluten-free free!!!!

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