Winter Field Trips


Here’s the week’s cute pictures post, a recap of our field trips the last two months.

We got some of our tree saplings from the Arbor Day celebration at the Jesse Jones Park and Nature Center.

A walk through a bald cypress swamp (not very swampy this time of year)




A visit to the Houston Police horses’ barn


We could bring apples, carrots, and candy canes to feed to the horses.


As you can see, the horses are used to getting treats from visitors and they were very forward!  Teddy’s second word was “horse” and he spent a few months constantly asking to hold a couple of Marie’s toy horses.

Unfortunately the real thing absolutely terrified him.  He actually said his word for “dinosaur” when the first one stuck its head out of the corral!


Butterfly exhibit at the Natural Science Museum

Teddy liked the “bise flies” much better than “horsey.”

Just yesterday we went to the Aquarium with our one of our homeschool groups.


Petting sting rays


Look!  It’s Dory!


The Houston Aquarium randomly includes the city’s only permanent Ferris Wheel.

This has been a pretty crazy week, to be honest, one that included a Tuesday night trip to the ER for stitches for Marie.


Spending the day at the aquarium was actually the last thing I wanted to do the next morning, but it turned out to be the best thing to take her (and my) mind off our worries.


Dear old H-town


Given everything that’s happened this month, I may as well include our regular trips to doctors’ offices as part of our curriculum.  Here’s a reading lesson at the pediatrician’s.

Field trips are definitely a strength of homeschooling, and although they can be pretty draining, I’m usually glad we did it after it’s all over!  I feel like we do a pretty good job of being tourists in our hometown.  Except NASA–can you believe we’ve never been there?

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