Made It! and Lent Ideas


I made it to the end of 7 posts in 7 days, despite 2 family illnesses, an ER trip, and a lot of neglected laundry.  To do it, I wrote through naptimes and beyond, often putting on a video so I could just get it posted and then scrambling together a late dinner; other days I just stayed up way too late.  I enjoyed it, but it reminded me why I don’t do that much blogging (or anything else outside of my family duties).  It’s fun, but I’m not willing to live with that kind of disorder all the time.  It did get my brain working though, and now I have some more ideas for posts to come.

I’ll be back again on Wednesday, the beginning of Lent.  Do you know what you’re doing for Lent?  I don’t exactly yet.  My spiritual director suggested I just do better at what I’m already doing, rather than trying to add on various practices that are not realistic given my responsibilities.

My tendency is to make a whole bunch of goals like: no sugar, no blogs, no Facebook, exercise at the gym every day, and three new types of prayer, and then fail the first week.

I do have a book I’m looking forward to reading with the kids:

Catholic Tales for Boys & Girls, by Caryll Houselander (remember her from Advent?)

Catholic Tales for Boys and Girls  -     By: Caryll Houselander

We’ve read some of these tales before, and as they deal with various vices in the form of an endearing story, I think the book also makes a good preparation for First Confession.

If you made it through the entire week with me, thank you!  And please tell me what you would like to read about in the future – health, diet, books, homeschooling, Lent traditions, more birth stories, or the cute things Teddy says?


“More cream cream!”