Easter Memories


I didn’t go into Lent intending to give up blogging, but it essentially ended up that way.  More on that later.  Here are some memories from our Easter celebrations.

Holy Thursday

We didn’t do school that day and got lots of laundry and errands completed (Papa was home!).  At dinner, we read the story of the Last Supper and N. washed our feet.

Good Friday

We try to keep the time between noon and 3pm as quiet as possible, not talking unless absolutely necessary.  This is pretty hard for the kids to remember (and hard for us too, frankly!), but I am always impressed at how seriously the kids take it for the short time their attention span lasts without a reminder.  One year, we turned off the lights in the house and prayed and colored pictures of the Stations of the Cross.  This year, we went to our church and walked the Stations, then came home and let the kids watch a children’s version of the film Ben-Hur.

After 3pm, preparations for Easter really began.  We cleaned the house from top to bottom, made hot cross buns and got out the boxes of Easter decorations, then broke the Good Friday fast with fish and homemade French fries.

Holy Saturday

We had soccer games in the morning.


We spent the afternoon dying eggs, decorating the house for Easter,


A happy Easter to you too, Mr. Beethoven!

and making pie for Easter dinner.


We also made a Paschal candle (a mini-version of the huge candle blessed in the Easter Vigil Mass).


We bought a kit this year, but in years past we have just used a white candle from the Dollar Store and poked 5 cloves into it in the shape of a cross.  The five cloves stand for the five wounds of Christ.  The kit used tiny nails.


All set for Easter morning

Easter Sunday

Easter baskets and candy at breakfast


In two days, Teddy has practically memorized this book.


Beautiful Mass


Parish egg hunt after Mass



We spent a lovely afternoon with N.’s brother and family and then topped off the day with a trip to N’s school.  They are temporarily housing a mare and newborn colt, and we wanted to show our niece and nephews.  The horses are very gentle and enjoy being petted by the kids.  They also have chickens and turtles the kids can play with (a little bit).  Teddy loves this place and talks about it many times every day…”horsey, baby, pet horsey, chickens, two turtles…” (over and over and over 🙂 ).


Easter Monday

After an egg hunt with our homeschool group,


we headed off to the woods.  N. had a long Easter break this year, so we spent last night camping near Lake Houston.


Champion firestarter


Teddy: “Rock! Throw it in!”

Happy Easter!



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