3 Reasons I love Easter


It’s a new season, and time again to join with Micaela for a new set of reasons to love our Catholic faith.

…who was quoting St. Augustine 🙂

1. Sacraments

The Easter season is the traditional time for Catholic children to receive their First Communion.  William received his last year, and Louis received his yesterday!


IMG_0793He had his First Confession last month and has asked to go every week since then.  I’ve always wanted to go weekly but never had the gumption.  I can hardly refuse to take him, and I have been so glad to go myself too.  There are so many ways my children’s faith encourages my own.




Near the end of Easter, close to Pentecost, is also when our archbishop ordains new priests, usually around the first weekend of June.  I don’t know if this is a universal tradition, but I think it fits perfectly.  Easter is the time to celebrate our communion with God and get ready to take that message to the world.

2. Feast of Divine Mercy

This is brand-new feast of the Catholic church, which Pope John Paul II inaugurated in the year 2000.  It happens on the Sunday after Easter and is a celebration of Christ opening wide the doors of God’s mercy.

The pope said the day he started this feast was “the happiest day of my life.”  He died on the eve of the 6th feast of Divine Mercy and was canonized yesterday on the feast’s 15th celebration.

This little prayer on the bottom of this painting (“Jesus, I trust in You!”) is like a modern version of the traditional Jesus prayer (“Lord Jesus, Son of the living God, have mercy on me, a sinner”).


3. Family Traditions 

Last week I wrote about our Easter traditions.  Our culture really blows over Easter, much more so than Christmas, so we try to make it special to keep ourselves and our kids focused.  We try to “keep the feast” for an entire week and then keep our candles and decorations going for the entire 50 days.


I do sweep up the Easter grass immediately, however.  Man, that stuff drives me crazy!

Happy Easter!


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  1. Oh, that awful Easter grass. 🙂

    Gianna will receive her FHC this weekend. I’m so excited! I am new to the Divine Mercy devotion, but I must admit, I’m loving it.

    Thanks for linking up!

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