WWRW: Shakespeare & The Secret Garden


A couple weeks ago, N. and I had the chance to see a performance of The Taming of the Shrew.  We had read the play along with the BBC film version a few days prior and I had forgotten (since high school) how strange this play is, and how open to interpretation.  I read everything from “The Taming of the Shrew depicts the development of Aristotelian virtue” to “Shakespeare was a proto-feminist” type critical essays during that week trying to understand this play.  So I’d like to watch a few more versions.  The BBC film portrays Petruchio’s project as completely serious and rather harsh, while the stage performance we saw depicted a much more affectionate mutual taming between Kate & Petruchio (kind of a spicy Beatrice and Benedick).  

At the same time, we were reading The Secret Garden with the kids.  I also had not read this book in many years and had completely forgotten how much I love it.  Having gone to high school in the Himalayan Mountains, Nathaniel was pretty annoyed by the constant references to the damp, languid, sickly air of India vs the clean, pure air of Yorkshire, and I’ll admit that the book was definitely down on humid climates.  But I also have to admit that English gardens are hard to beat. 🙂

We alternated between reading aloud at home and listening to the audiobook in the car on this one again.  With all the Yorkshire dialect in this book, I highly recommend an audio version read by a Brit (I think ours was Harper Audio) who can pull off the accents!

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