Learning Notes for Week of Oct 6


Here’s how our homeschool rolled this week.

Monday, October 6

We had our monthly co-op today. It’s run like a VBS for the elementary school kids, with skits, crafts, and activities based on a theme: this year, the miracles of Jesus. Today’s miracle was the turning water into wine, so for snack, they turned milk into ice cream (ice cream in a bag).

Another mom and I were teaching the middle school kids, our first time to have this age group in our co-op as the kids (such as William!) are growing up. We had five 6th graders, planned a skit for next month, and talked about the corporal works of mercy. We also bagged up snacks and water bottles to hand out to the homeless.

Co-op started mid-morning, so we were able to go to Mass and have William practice piano before we left. We ate lunch there and then came home to crash.

The Family Under the Bridge

In the evening, we read a chapter of The Family Under the Bridge, a very sweet story we’ve read before but which everyone was happy to read again.

Tuesday, October 7

We didn’t make it to Mass this morning because I was still pretty worn out from yesterday’s co-op. I am a serious introvert and have to pace my outings, even ones I enjoy.

I opened the back door to let the dog outside and heard a bird (wish I could identify it) singing the most beautiful song. I had visions of all of us sitting out there reading the Scriptures amidst heavenly twittering, but when we all came thundering out the door, the bird flew away.

We read an Old Testament story from our children’s Bible and the psalm and gospel from the day’s Mass readings.

The gospel was the story of Mary and Martha. Everyone wanted to look it up in The Beginner’s Bible because these are some of their favorite pictures in that book.


We came inside for math, writing, and penmanship.


They all worked on their October calendars while I read some Mind Benders logic problems and a chapter of The Family Under the Bridge.


Lunch, then a nap for Teddy. Each of the younger ones did a spelling lesson with me, and Marie read Little Bear’s Friend to me. William read his Abraham Lincoln biography.

We had to drag Teddy out of bed to go to the park at 2. I kept trying to pick him up and he kept shaking his head and rolling back onto his tummy. He’s such a good napper, but we had a party to go to!

It was the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, and our little group prayed a large rosary and had some sweet snacks together.

When we came home from the park, the big kids went out to play with their friends, and Teddy listened to Blueberries for Sal while I cobbled some leftovers together.


Marie and I had an AHG meeting that night, and Ben and Louis read aloud to Nathaniel. Ben read part of Caps for Sale.

Wednesday, October 8

Nathaniel and the three big boys got up at 4:30am to see the lunar eclipse. They met up with others at N’s school to view it through the big telescope there. Marie likes her sleep and declined to join them.


William’s photo

I woke up at 6 and saw the blood moon, but it was obscured by all the trees in our yard.

We went to pick up the boys before 8, and they had of course been playing outside for 3 hours by then! Louis was drenched in sweat, and William was covered in dirt from the waist down.

Got home, washed everyone off, and had breakfast. They all said the eclipse was awesome!


Ben did his morning work in record time. I guess I know what he needs every morning–too bad we don’t live on a farm.

The gospel reading was Jesus teaching the disciples the Lord’s Prayer. We say “trespasses” when we pray it, but the Bible translation used in Mass said “sins.” I told them “debts” is another translation, and William remembered that debitum means sins in Latin. So we talked for a minute about what all three of those words have in common.


Marie’s retelling of the Bible story

Before lunch, we watched some clips from an examination of a colossal squid found a few months ago near Antarctica. William cut a bouquet from the garden.


After Teddy laid down, I did spelling with Ben, Marie, and Louis, and then took my own rest time. William read his books and finished the first chapter of The Story of the World vol. 4. I think this book is going to take a long time to get through. It contains more information than I think is necessary to learn in 6th grade, but he won’t skip a page.

After nap time, I asked William the comprehension questions from the Story of the World activity book and he filled out a map.

Marie read more Little Bear to me and went outside. Within 5 minutes, she had caught a big bull frog.


William had caught a frog at N’s school that morning, and they set up a habitat in our old recycling bin.



Teddy sat outside and watched the frogs for at least an hour.


Ben and Louis rode bikes for awhile and then watched reviews of Lego sets on YouTube. We all took a little walk before dinner.

Thursday, October 9

After Mass, one of the ladies there talked to William about serving at the altar during daily Mass. He is open to it. I think it would be great, although I know it means we will then have to be on time. We’ll talk more about it next week.

Louis wasn’t feeling well when we got home, so he laid down in my bed. I think the lack of sleep the night before was getting to him.

With just one child missing, we were able to fly through our school work. Louis tried to do a little work later in the day, but he wasn’t up for it. He was able to listen to the Bible story and a chapter of our read-aloud.

Ben read the rest of Caps for Sale to me, and Marie finished Little Bear and Emily.

While Louis was watching videos on my bed, Ben and I wrapped his birthday presents because tomorrow is Louis’s birthday!

William took a math test and learned what a direct object is and how to diagram it. He wanted to diagram the entire sentence Louis wrote yesterday: “I saw a lunar eclipse, also called a blood moon,” but I had to be honest and say that I didn’t know how to diagram the phrase. I am learning along the way too.

He finished copywork from Charlotte’s Web and a Latin chapter, and he read about Commodore Perry’s ultimatum to Japan. William also baked Louis’s birthday cake because by then Louis was running a low fever.

We read a chapter of Family Under the Bridge before bed and hoped Louis would be better the next day.

Friday, October 10

The birthday boy woke up feeling great, and we had a happy holiday from school celebrating Louis’s 9th birthday.


We took a little break from Legos to walk to the bayou,

IMG_1683 IMG_1684

where Marie collected two bags of trash.


Saturday, October 11

Nathaniel and the kids planted some more seeds in our garden and went back to the bayou with fishing poles.

They caught two fish, which turned out to be grass carp, one of the most invasive animal species in Texas.


We don’t have to take the fish back to the bayou, and our kids are hoping to keep their new pet (one already died) in a pond in the backyard. But I’m afraid little Swimmer isn’t long for this world.


I’m guessing we’ll be closing out the week with a little circle of life lesson.

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  1. We did not try to see the eclipse. I’m always sad when I miss an opportunity like that, but I suppose there’s always next time.
    I’d never heard of The Family Under the Bridge. It looks like an interesting story.

  2. Our Beginner’s Bible just resurfaced today after a looooong respite because I had gotten so sick of reading the same story to the twins over and over again 😛 But they’re on a Bible & Saints kick so I feel a little bad keeping it hidden! So today we brushed up on our Old Testament stories and it was adorable 🙂

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