About Writing (a BlogHop) and 7QT


Amelia kindly tagged me in the bloghop about writing. I’m supposed to answer these four questions about writing and then tag more bloggers to do the same.

1. What am I writing?

My tagline says “Faith, Family, Books.”  That about sums it up! Homeschooling is a big part of my blogging, but that counts as family.

2. How does my work differ from those in my genre?

Well, among mommy bloggers, I’d say I probably don’t post as consistently as most. I might be on for a few weeks, and then get overwhelmed and let the blog lie fallow for awhile. But maybe that’s not so unusual for busy mommies.

I really don’t even try to be tech-savvy with this blog, or write like a real writer. Some mommy blogs look pretty professional now, which is wonderful but not something I have the time to aspire to. I still like the old, “this is what we did today and here are my random musings on that” style.

I receive requests to do product reviews, but unless it’s a book, I’m not going to accept it.

And, I now differ from most mommy bloggers because I’m no longer gluten free!

3. Why do I write what I write?

I write book reviews because it helps me process what I read, and I find lots of book recommendations from other bloggers. Also I sometimes get free books out of the deal from Blogging for Books.

I think about my posts about our family life as a love letter to my children. I know that sounds corny, but I do hope that they will treasure the memories and photos I’ve recorded here when they’re all grown up. Maybe it would be better to have it all in a paper scrapbook instead of online, but the reality is I’m over a year behind in putting together a paper photo album and a scrapbook with detailed descriptions of our days is probably never going to happen.

I also get tons of ideas about homeschooling from other homeschool bloggers, so I’m happy to contribute to that conversation. The Internet is like the homeschool mom’s water cooler.

4. How does my writing process work?

I always blog in the afternoon when my kids take a rest time, and if I’m on a roll, into the evening while dinner burns or something like that. If I have a chance to get away alone Saturday mornings, I will often blog then too.

I take notes on my phone when I think of a book to review or something I want to write about. Then when it’s time I just sit down and write until I have to get up. I do a lot of proofreading. I even go back and edit a few times after publishing. Perfectionist.

5. Now I get to tag some other bloggers to join the Writing BlogHop!

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6. Now that I’m so close to 7, I may as well go ahead and turn this into a 7 quick takes post.

We celebrated our twins’ 7th birthday this week. Two very different babies have grown up into two very different kids!

Here’s their birth story, which I posted earlier this year.


With three birthdays in five days at this house, you can understand why Benedict requested a pie instead of cake.

IMG_17237. More thoughts on blogging vs. other forms of communication

I have a friend who I communicate with via paper letters only (and a few in-person visits over the past few years). I don’t think she even knows about my blog, now that I think about it. We have such infrequent contact, but it is obviously so much more in-depth than I ever have on Facebook or blogs. Sometimes I wonder if I should just scrap all the social media and write one long letter to a different friend or family member each week. Really, I wish I did both.


6 thoughts on “About Writing (a BlogHop) and 7QT

  1. housewifespice

    Paper letters? To have and touch and keep forever? I have all kinds of technology angst about what we’ve lost…photo albums, scrapbooks, letters, etc. I need to write some letters.

  2. Thanks for answering!! I’m curious about your “no longer gluten free”. Why where you gluten-free and why aren’t you anymore? Do you feel that you healed from gluten issues or that gluten-free wasn’t making a difference anymore? I’m so nosey!

    • The short answer is our kids who were sensitive to gluten were healed, one quickly and one after 7 years. The main reason we were all gluten free was because our oldest son needed it.

      I did notice minor benefits to myself being gluten free, but to really lose weight and feel a LOT healthier, I need to give up more than just gluten. And then the benefits stopped outweighing the cost, especially when my son didn’t need it anymore.

    • Amelia, I should also add that I do try to avoid gluten in the morning as I will have less energy throughout the day. And I am conscious of how much the kids take in and will have a low gluten or no gluten day if we’ve just pizza or a lot of birthday cake, for example. But that is more about just eating healthy in general for us.

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