12 in 2014


2014 was a wonderful year for our family. Thanks to Dwija at House Unseen for inspiring an annual photo year-in-review!

12 in 2014

In January, we had a few “snow” days that let us play with our hats and mittens a bit.  We also contracted whooping cough, although we didn’t realize it yet.


In February, we coughed.  And finally took antibiotics.

Marie spent a night at the ER for stitches but still made it to a field trip at the aquarium the morning after.


In March, we battled the flu for two weeks and allergies for another two weeks, but somewhere in there Mama and Papa got to take a formal date.


In April, Louis received his First Holy Communion on the day Pope John Paul II was canonized. So special because he passed away while I was expecting Louis 9 years ago!

The four big kids joined a soccer league. Nathaniel organized his school’s first science fair, which was a great success.


In May, we ended the school year with way too many toddler-in-tow field trips and soccer games.


June found our sweet kids cooking and serving a “restaurant dinner” for us for our 12th wedding anniversary.


I gave Nate fishing rods for himself and the kids for his birthday, and they quickly became staples of our family outings.

In July, William turned 11, and we spent a lot of time swimming and fishing.

IMG_1297[1]In August, Teddy turned 2, William planned our fall garden, and we started up a new school year.


In September, we took one last beach trip.  Nathaniel started his school year with some new responsibilities that kept him very busy. He continues to love his job.

IMG_1209In October, Louis turned 9, Ben and Marie turned 7, and we found out we were expecting another little one. 🙂


I don’t remember much of November. But the kids and I did take a morning-sickness rescue trip to Grandma’s house, which was lovely.


And December — Merry Christmas to all!


Just for fun, here is last year’s year-in-review

and some bonus New Year’s Eve photos from tonight. We roasted marshmallows and lit sparklers with the younger ones already and are putting them to bed now.




We’re about to break out It’s a Wonderful Life for the big people. William plans to make it to midnight, although I don’t know if I will!

Have a happy New Year!


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