Learning Notes for Week of January 19


Monday, January 19

Holiday for MLK Day and a fun day at the park with N’s family, as his mom was visiting for the week.

IMG_2045  Tuesday, January 20

Second session of my India class. We colored maps of South Asia



looked at library books about animals from India, and read Rikki-Tikki-Tavi. I like this picture book version that’s just ever so slightly abridged.

N read The Jungle Book with his students earlier this year and had this awesome stuffed mongoose & cobra model for me to display.


We finished off with a Youtube video of a real mongoose v. cobra standoff.

Wednesday, January 21- Friday, January 23

Three days of having a grandmother at home assisting in every possible way with our homeschool. Just as wonderful as it sounds. Everything on everyone’s list was completed with time left over to take walks, watch birds, read extra stories, and take naps (me!).

All the kids caught up in different subjects, and I caught up with laundry. Yay! 🙂

Current reading books:

William–bio of the Wright Brothers, Hardy boys mysteries and gardening books

Louis–finished the last of our Level 2 I Can Read It books, Encyclopedia Brown books–following along with the audio

Ben and Marie–started reading Beginner’s Bible aloud

In-the-car audiobook–The Cricket in Times Square

Linking up with Melanie.