7QT: Facebook, Learning Notes & cheap gas


1. I signed off Facebook for the last time this week. I have taken off FB for Advent and Lent for a few years now, and I had such a peaceful Advent that as soon as I got back on this month I found myself thinking, I wish it was Lent so I could get off Facebook again. Definitely time to end that relationship.

2. So now I get to check in with friends in real life! I like that.

3. Having N’s mom in town and helping with homeschooling last week helped me to realize that if it took two people all morning to accomplish what I consider a normal school day, then I am not going to be able to accomplish what I consider a normal school day by myself. I always start out the year with grand plans, and then spend the rest of the year cutting, cutting, cutting things out.

4. Quick Learning Notes post for this week:

My India co-op class was on religion & saints of India. Among other things we read Demi’s Mother Teresa, which is a beautiful picture book:

Mother Teresa

Although most of the week was occupied by my trying to figure out the answer to what can I cut? (see #3) we did have a few serendipitous moments. We had just finished listening to The Cricket in Times Square in the car when N. came home with a couple containers of crickets to feed the reptiles he keeps in his classroom. So some people got a pet cricket.

IMG_2065 IMG_2067

This is ironic because the whole point of The Cricket in Times Square is how unhappy Chester the cricket is in captivity. But happier perhaps than being eaten by a lizard?

5. Also, while William was reading about steam locomotives in Story of the World, I found this short film about trains set to music we are going to hear at a symphony field trip next week. That was a hit.



That’s what it cost me to fill up my mini-van’s gas tank last weekend, with a little help from Kroger fuel points. N. and I went on a date with the leftover cash in the budget’s fuel category.

7. I just got two more Christmas cards this week. So I won’t feel bad about the ones I haven’t sent yet!

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