Coming Out of Confinement


I like the old-fashioned idea of confinement before and after birth.  I’m not good for much the last six weeks of pregnancy or the first six weeks postpartum anyway, and it makes so much sense for healing and getting breastfeeding established. It was actually somewhat possible for the first time for me thanks to N’s light summer schedule.

We had such a generous meal train going too that between leftovers, a few frozen meals, and one pizza delivery I didn’t have to cook at all for the first six weeks except for sauteing a few of William’s homegrown vegetables.  William who is now 12 years old and as tall as me!


In between burping the baby and changing her diaper, N. installed a creek and pond in our backyard this summer.

Genny was baptized in a very beautiful ceremony.


William was the altar boy–very special!


Teddy finally got over his cough and was able to hold Genny.


He wasn’t quite sure what to do at first.


But then he figured it out.


But, all good things like meal deliveries and excuses to do nothing come to an end.  Genevieve was six weeks old Saturday, and I celebrated by taking her and three of her sibs on our first full-cart grocery store trip.  Fun!

I was on the same shopping track as one of my neighbors, who kept telling me I was doing a great job every time we passed carts. I must have looked like I needed some encouragement.  No, it’s not easier to go grocery shopping with your sixth newborn than with other babies.  It took almost 2 hours, and both Teddy and Genny were crying as I was checking out.

I wasn’t too stressed about it though–maybe that’s the part that gets easier.  All bad things come to an end too.

Speaking of ends, N’s summer is about over, and it’s almost time for my busy life to start up again.

I’ve cleaned out my homeschool shelves and made a books budget for the year.  My first attempt at a homeschool schedule for next year had me in tears though. Ah, hormones.

I started rounding up recipes too, although my first attempt at a meal plan had me almost in tears again. Just have to take a deep breath and remind myself that mediocre but healthy is absolutely fine. As is some mediocre and not so healthy!

So normal life stress is creeping back in, but right now at least I still have time to sit still and witness the wonder of this amazing person experiencing the world for the first time.



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  1. Jeanne Dickson

    Love this so much. Would you email me the picture of Teddy & Genny (middle one & 3 one) so I can have a copy made. Praying you are able to do all the homeschooling with a baby as well. You are precious.

    Please pray for us as Jim gets out staples tomorrow & catheter Wed. That is a difficult thing. For strength for me as well as I do not sleep well.

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